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Commercial litigation involves nearly every type of dispute that may arise in a business context. This includes breach of contract, disputes between partners, class actions, business torts, anti-trust litigation, and patent infringement, to name a few. Litigation occurs in a variety of venues, from state and federal courts to private arbitrations or administrative hearings, depending on the specific details of a case. Given the broad nature of commercial litigation, attorneys do not always specialize in every area of business law, which is why seeking appropriate counsel for your case is crucial.

The Luby Law Firm, has represented clients in commercial and complex litigation matters, equipping him with the necessary experience that is invaluable in this area of practice. Gene has worked on cases involving matters of anti-trust, patent infringement, oil and gas, fraud, employment, securities, deceptive trade practices and breach of contract, and product liability.

Luby Law Firm handles a wide range of commercial litigation cases, including:

  • Business Fraud
  • Consumer Protection
  • Contract Disputes
  • Franchise Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Securities Litigation
  • Technology Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Tenant Disputes


What Should I Expect When Working with a Litigation Attorney?

If you are dealing with a situation as described above, having a lawyer by your side can make a significant impact on the entirety of your case. When you choose a knowledgeable attorney who knows and understands the logistics of a commercial litigation case, such an attorney from our firm, you will be in the most optimal place to win your case. When you get legal help from an attorney who understands the logistics of a business litigation case and has experience holding the liable party responsible, you can have peace moving forward in your case.


Insurance Disputes


Need Help with Your Insurance Claim?

Insurance coverage is supposed to provide you with benefits after an unexpected event. However, sometimes insurance companies deny valid claims, delay payment, or even make unreasonable demands before providing relief. You do not need to fight the insurance company alone. Luby Law Firm can help protect your legal rights to get the compensation you are owed for your claim.

Our insurance dispute lawyers have the legal knowledge and resources to take on powerful insurance companies. If you are involved in an insurance dispute and finding it difficult to deal with the insurance company, contact Luby Law Firm and let one of our insurance dispute lawyers assist you.


Types of Insurance Disputes

Edward F. (Ted) Luby and his legal staff have experience dealing with a variety of insurance claim disputes, including:

  • Auto Insurance Claims
    It is important that you do not forfeit your legal rights to file a claim by signing a document from the insurance company or missing an important deadline.
  • Breach of Contract or Vexatious Refusal or “Bad Faith” claims.
  • Fire Claims/Denial of Coverage Due to Arson
  • Disability Insurance Claims
    If you have become disabled, you may be entitled to disability insurance benefits. But getting insurance companies to provide payment can be difficult. Our firm can help you understand your policy, represent your interests in benefit disputes, and even pursue legal action in the court room to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Health and Medical Insurance Claims
    Health insurance policy guidelines can be complex and confusing. In many cases, a mistake as simple as not submitting paperwork correctly may cause a claim to be delayed or denied.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Claims
    If your home is damaged by a natural disaster or vandalism, trying to get the necessary repairs covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy can turn into a frustrating and lengthy process. We have the knowledge and resources it takes to help resolve your insurance dispute, so you can perform the repairs your home needs.
  • Life Insurance Claims
    The loss of a loved one is emotionally traumatic. It can also have a severe financial impact on your family. The fact is, your loved one held a life insurance policy to provide for his or her survivors.  When an insurance company disputes your ability to collect benefits, let us help you get the compensation that your loved one intended you to receive.
  • Water Damage Building/Mold Damage Claims
    Mold damage can lead to a host of health issues if not eliminated quickly, but the remediation process can be expensive. Accumulation of mold may make it necessary for you to discard your personal property or even worse might make you physically sick.